⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap July 09, 2021

The team had a few late nights this week - while there were infra updates, project onboarding, and prep and deployment of a new BlockScout version, the majority of this late night activity was devoted to universe domination in the Dark Forest 🪐! Round 2 ended Wednesday July 7th along with some truly epic battles to determine the round winners.

Dark Forest is a perfect fit for xDai with fast transactions, low stable tx costs, and a dynamic community of users and devs. Players can set the integrated Burner Wallet to automatically accept transactions which makes for seamless game play.

Independent developers have created dozens of plugins, and Round 2 accounted for over 2M transactions on xDai over the course of 9 days. It’s the first real time strategy game widely available on the blockchain, and the innovative tech (zkSNARKS) that makes it possible is being tested and optimized through gameplay, with potential applications for many future projects on xDai, Ethereum and more. Look for Round 3 info shortly!

Below are some more highlights from the xDai network this week. The weekly update is also available on the xDai website in the weekly updates section.

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July 9 Weekly Updates

That’s it for this week. Catch a sneak peek of the SushiSwap Kashi lending protocol deploying to xDai very soon and look for more 🍣 related updates in the days to come!

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