⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap July 16, 2021

NFT summer on xDai

It’s been another hot week of summer, but NFTs on xDai are staying cool🍹 thanks to energy efficient minting! Did you know the average NFT minted on Ethereum requires the same amount of energy as 150,000 lightbulbs burning for an hour? On xDai, it’s 1/137 of a lightbulb. It’s a hard difference to wrap your head around 🤔. You can read more about it here.

To combat climate change, the European Green Deal is moving forward quickly with an ambitious plan to reduce emissions. This means aggressive energy consumption reduction by government entities and others adopting blockchain technologies.

Eth2.0 will help with this, and while it will be much greener than it is today, it will still use many times more energy than xDai. If Ethereum 1.0 is a gas guzzling SUV, Ethereum 2.0 is a hybrid, and xDai is all-renewable (and fast) electric vehicle.

The xDai team is engaging researchers in the field to study the energy efficiency of various blockchains.  We need more transparent and accurate models of energy expenditure for transactions on different chains based on congestion, consensus, transaction type, node specifications, and many other variables. 

This data and modeling will help government institutions, companies, and projects make informed choices when selecting chains from an operational and energy-efficiency perspective.

If you are an academic with experience or interest in researching this topic, please reach out to the xDai team and get involved!

July 16 Weekly Highlights

  • Ethereum SANA is a point-to-point storage area node network forked from Swarm and integrated with xDai. The majority of SAN tokens are allocated for mining. Learn More.

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