⚔️ xDai Weekly Recap July 30, 2021

Welcoming the artists

This week another batch of innovative projects went live on xDai. We are in a constant state of 🤯 at the level of talent, creativity, and effort put forth by the development community. Many amazing Eth-based devs are finding their way to the xDai network and the easy deployment environment, growing community of users, green consensus, and experimental opportunities on a low-cost, real-world-value chain.

Drawing inspiration from NFT projects on xDai, we sometimes get into our own creative mindsets and imagine the chain as a blank canvas. The xDai core devs prepare the canvas, setup the easel, and provide the paints by ensuring protocol security and optimizing tools for building.

The 3rd party devs bringing their talents to xDai are the artists👩🏻‍🎨. They create their masterpieces, often iterating over time, to create new and innovative applications. The ability to {iterate,innovate} without incurring high costs is one of xDai’s primary strengths. Projects can try new things and provide services to users (burner wallets, heavy NFT mints, RTS gameplay🪐, subsidized txs) that aren’t currently feasible on the Ethereum mainnet, while still maintaining compatibility and interoperability.

We’d like to welcome several wonderful new artists to the xDai community this week.

The Genuino project combines IoT and blockchain, physical and digital, in a new and ground-breaking way. In an exclusive partnership with ACF Fiorentina, Jerseys worn by ACF Fiorentina players will be certified and authenticated using IoT tech and available to fans to purchase and trade along with exclusive digital memorabilia (NFTs). Genuino has amazing implications for the future of NFTs, memorabilia and collectibles in sport, music, fashion and beyond. Remember, you saw it on xDai first!

Kleros has been living quietly on xDai for several weeks; this week they announced their official arrival. Kleros is a decentralized arbitration protocol, allowing users to resolve disputes in a fast, affordable and secure way. The xDai network allows the protocol to set and pay fees with the native xDai stable token, giving jurors piece-of-mind regarding payment for their efforts. Kleros is another hybrid project, combining the best of blockchain tech and human innovation to bring more transparency and justice to the world.

Many other projects helped enhance the network this week, providing new tools, wallets and integrations to improve the xDai chain artisanal experience. A big Thank You 👏 all the developers and projects, big and small, creating works of art on xDai!

July 23 Weekly Highlights